Heaven Don't Want Me

Here are some pics from Yellow Mountain. It was fogged in big time and it had this mystical aura about the place. I'm still sore from head to toe from my experience yesterday but glad to know that heaven doesn't quite want me yet and hell is afraid I'll take over.


Unknown said…
I had a scary moment on Yellow Mountain, too.
Powerful Place with Powerful Lessons. Rocks Speak to me. But I don't always listen. I got LOST. It was Sunny and Clear, but I was the FOG. I had a bad knee at the time and was grateful to be able to walk so well on that beautiful road. It was my own in-attention. I was so busy taking pictures that I did not see the fork in the road, and went the OTHER way from the group. And walk I did -- back and forth, up and down to the cable entrance, trying to find the hotel where Po's group (Chinese Clayart 2005) was to be at Lunch. I was exhausted, pissed off, and a stranger in a strange land. No english Speakers at the Gate House. or ANYWHERE! Duh. I'm in CHINA and I left my phrase book on the bus! Finally, a German Tourist with just enough English pointed me to the right place. I found my group. I arrived embarrassed and Grateful I wasn't Dead. Lessons learned: pay attention, have a buddy, and if you are the tour guide, wait for the last pokey person to show up at every fork in the road.

Bonita, Foggy In San Francisco

PS I appreciate all your pictures and comments. Blogging is a wonderful way to share!

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