Ash Happens

Well who would have thought that a volcano erupting in Iceland could have an effect on the workshop we are offering at La Meridiana in Tuscany? Well, as they say in America "S@#t Happens!" We have a full group here minus 4 friends that had to cancel flights. I woke this morning to bells ringing in the church across the valley. We heated our room with a small wood pellet stove and got the expresso brewing. One of the guys did some grocery shopping last night for us so we have wonderful cheese, bread, fruit, coffee and the memory of a bottle of Chianti and thin crust pizza from last night. Here is our little apartment, the view out our window and the pottery. The gang arrive tonight where we will have our "Ash Happens" welcome dinner at Bagnano a lovely ristorante down the road. School bells ring tomorrow morning after espresso and biscotti


John Post said…
YAY, there will be reports from Tuscany! Awesome. It's a place I have always wanted to visit.
Patsi Minnes said…
SO glad to know that the blog continues.
The photos are exactly what one imagines La Meridiana might be like.
Have a lovely time.
I sure hope Sheila's there with ya!

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