The Door's a Jar

The door that Bruce Cochrane chose to open for his show this year was a jar. Bruce referenced his love of Han Dynasty ware. His show had massive multi sectioned thrown jars, jars built in press moulds and my personal favourites were jars within jars( his variation of double wall throwing except better and much more clever). The big ceramic collectors had already been there and the red dots were many. Glad I bought Bruce when prices weren't more than the replacement value of my little Toyota pickup.
I have been in Toronto twice in two days at shows. Thursday night was the Sheridan third years show at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. I got there in time to take pics of three students work and then all hell broke loose. The room filled with parents, spouses, students, alumni, collectors, friends, patrons of ceramics and I know almost all of them. With the room full I didn't get any more pics so I decided I couldn't show their show on my blog without having all 9 of them. I can tell ya this- it looked fantastic and they did the lineage of Sheridan alumni proud. There will be more shows in their careers and I'll be there.
Here is a pic of 4 alumni at Bruce's show- Bunny Safari( no I'm not making that name up), Mandy Potter(that name either), Andrew Kellner and Dawn Pettigrew. All still in the game for the loooooooooooong haul.


Anonymous said…
Bruce's pots were brilliant. The glazes really suited the pieces.

It was great to reconnect with all the Sheridan crew, you too Tony!

Bunny (yes) Safari (it really is true)

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