The Honey Wagon

One of the thrills of rural living is a septic system. It is one of the reasons I have declared a war on the Chinese Elms on our property. The root system can plug up the tile bed. I've had a septic system almost all my life. When the kids were young there was a sign above the toilet that read " Yellow is mellow and brown goes down". City kids are used to blowing their nose or having a small squirt and flushing. Not if you have a septic system. Keep the lid down if all ya got to do is cover a squirt. The guy came in the honey wagon to pump our tank and I got to tell ya he looked cleaner than I do on a good day. At $239 for 10 minutes work it ain't a bad paying gig. What do you answer at a cocktail party when someone asks you what you do for a living?


Scott Cummins said…
I would say "I'm a turd hearder" Sound like a fine title
Prince Nikka said…
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