Old Bull

Here is a story I tell all of my students so that they may be in this craft for the long run.
There was an old bull and a young bull standing on a hill looking out over a pasture of many beautiful heifers. The young bull says to the old bull "Let's run down the hill and make it with one of those beautiful heifers!" The old bull replies "Let's walk down have a cool drink of water and make it with them all!!!"
Here are a couple of coffee cups that I still use in my studio. One if wood fired by Ryan Mormeceo(sp?) and the other salted by Andrew Kellner. They both use Leach treadle wheels in their studio. So glad the Old Bull slowed them down a tad. Remember a life in this craft is a marathon not a 100 yard dash.
Here is current plate of Ryan's that my daughter bought for me at Distill Gallery in Toronto. I like that the plate references where Ryan lives amongst the urban landscape of Toronto. They do make the Old Bull proud.


bfreeceramics said…
i remember a version of this story over a cup of beam with a bump.....multiple times......and the subject was hardly pg-13. miss you 'round here. we talk of you often... and if you don't get Bruce's job then that school can go straight to hell-if that's how it is.. I say you're too good for them!
smokieclennell said…
Ahhh Bobby Young Bull Free- glad I'm on your mind. It took an old bull, a beautiful young heifer and a cool drink of water to slow you down! Good pots in Montana!!! Tc
Ah, a familiar story that I know and love! Love your blog T. I concur with Bfree clay!

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