Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch

Usually when I go to teach a workshop I throw some shirts, and extra pair of jeans, a sweater,some gotchies and my shaving kit in a back pack. I check the 4 essentials mentioned in the subject line and I'm out the door. I'm good to go! It is true I usually forget something but I get by. Well, Sheila is co-teaching our course at La Meridiana in Tuscany and we're packing to live there for eternity. It's Wednesday and we've already packed 3 suitcases and we don't leave till Friday.
Mother Nature threw a bit of a curve ball at us with this Iceland volcano but it appears the gang are en route now and we will be mudslinging, wood and soda firing under a Tuscan sky for 2 glorious weeks. Old George said he'd look after the house, mow the lawn, collect the mail etc, etc if I brought him home a cute young Italian chick. George you're 88 for God's sake you should curb that appetite.


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