A New Way of Walkin'

Happy Birthday on Friday to my buddy Sir Robin Hopper. He shares his B-Day with Shirley Temple so upon landing in Tuscany I will toast you with a Shirley Temple cocktail chased with a double grappa. The events of this volcano on our trip to Tuscany have been rather a pain in the keester.
To celebrate his birthday Robin is changin' his walk and his talk. After a half century of making domestic ware Robin has made his last mug for the showroom. He is on a new clay path of using thin sheets of porcelain(substrates) to do his glaze painting/decoration on. He also has some new magic porcelain that for once he didn't make himself. Some decide to be Capital "A" artists after 3 clay lessons at the Community Center. Robin waited over half a century with thousands and thousands of pounds of clay under his nails. This what ya call having a strong foundation to build on. All the best ole buddy and may your brush be long, pointed and active for another half century. Your coffin will be made out of 100 year old oak. We will plant the tree this summer! All the very best on your B-Day!!!


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