Buona fortuna!!!!

Tomorrow night is the Tulip Festival at Sheridan College and the third year students are honoured for their hard work and achievements. I believe the tradition started when the flowers for the evening didn't show up and so the faculty picked the tulips in the college garden and as each student came up on stage they were presented with a tulip. I believe the tradition also includes having the tulips in a vase made by Bruce Cochrane. Second year student Janet Cox is here in Tuscany taking our workshop so we started the morning with a toast to the students at the Tulip Festival. It is always such a lovely event and we are both sorry to miss it. I couldn't find a tulip but the ditch was full of wild poppies. Here is an arrangement of cheese that we had with our many other courses served for dinner. Life is good for those that know that life is good!
I wish all the students Buona fortuna (good luck)!
Janet sends her best wishes as well!


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