Dirty Work

When I first unpacked my new Thomas Stuart wheel I referred to it as the Cadillac of wheels since I was sooooooo enamoured by it's sexy powder coated blue paint job. Well I've been driving it for the past few days and the view I get is the box of a Ford F-150 pick up. The F-150 has been America's most popular pickup for decades and for good reason. It's a workin' person's pickup. Not a shiny new SUV with all the bells and whistles that never gets used.
On my travels across America to USU in Utah I loved the drive from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Little America just on the Utah border. The Great Divide is one of the most wild and breathtakingly beautiful spots on earth. Women wear Stetsons (I was going to say cowboy hats) and the trucks actually have dents in them and their boxes are filled with welding equipment, pipes, generators and they are perhaps pulling a trailer of horses. Trucks for a purpose. I love things that work and people that work hard.
I trimmed 17 plates and 16 yunomi's this morning and the bed of my Thomas Stuart had room for more payload. Now that is a truck!!!


Sandy Miller said…
been looking at these wheels as my 25 year old Shimpo needs a break. Talk about rode hard put away wet!
Have heard the torque is good on the Thomas Stewart.... which is why I love that old Shimpo, control is everything

you're the big pot guy so whadda ya think?
Anonymous said…
Hey Tony, that trim bed on that new wheel of yours looks more like the Bed on a Euclid Gravel Pit truck!
Never mind the Ford 150!

Trim , trim, trim........
smokieclennell said…
Madpotter- I'd put the F-150 up against the Japanese import any ole day. I've owned them all and my Fords were the best. You can't hold em back!
Sandy Miller said…
Many Thanx and safe travels across the pond!

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