Teach to learn

To teach something you have to know it and another thing is if you are a good teacher you will have excellent students. Jordan MacDonald was one of the excellent students from Sheridan. He is now taking his MFA at Alfred along with two other Sheridan students. Ok, so I'm bragging! Jordan stayed with Bruce, Hugh and I at Nceca. I was really mostly blown away by the e-ware in most of the shows I saw. I said I had been thinking of changing over and Jordan and I talked about how we saw the translation. Jordan sent me pics of some pots he thought I'd enjoy. That medieval jug I posted on my blog some time ago. Great minds think alike! Fools seldom differ!
So there you have it the young bull is now looking after the old bull. As it should be!!!
There will be a number of us trekking off to Alfred next year for Jordan's grad show. Sheila is a HUGE fan of his work.
I'm typing this listening to a MP3 version of Summertime that was also just sent to me by Annette Netteke(a fine Irish name). Nicely done, nicely done indeed! I am so rich to have these students in my life.


Dan Finnegan said…
I've had a b/w photo of that medieval jug on my studio wall for more than 30 years. Do you know where it lives?

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