New Powder Coated Caddy

Well my new powder coated Royal blue Caddy arrived today. I have been driving a Chrysler Pacifica for the past twenty years and it has given me good service. I knew that changes in technology were giving better speeds at the foot pedal but the wheels always seemed to be designed by engineers with no never mind to what potters need. When I tried the Thomas Stuart wheel at Metchosin International School of the Arts and found out it was actually designed by a potter I lusted for one.
Here's why I like it.
1.The splash pan- what mental midget designed the splash pans on the other wheels? Trim one or two cups and it's full with a ball of clay thrashing it's way between the wheel head and the pan. Garbage!!!!! Surely they never asked a potter!
2. The removable wheel head- pop off the wheel head and take the pan off to empty the clay in the reclaim or hose it down outside.
3. The Randall cup- I have used the Randall plaster bat system for making plates,platters and bowls for years. Plates just pop off the plaster and are ready to trim.
So I got the 1/2 hp Revolution model since I don't plan to throw more than 100 lbs at a go, the optional cup wheel head, the plastic mold for pouring plaster in to make the plaster bats and the SSX drive system on the foot pedal for a reaaaaaaaaaal slow turn.
One time a friend of mine asked me what kind of car to buy. I knew a lot about cars and told her what to consider. When I next asked what car she bought she said " A Ford Pinto". I said what the heck did you do that for????? She said "I liked the colour!" Well, I do like this powder coat paint job on my new TS ride!


Mr. Young said…
I'd be happy just to have the old wheel.
But that new one sure looks sweet! Have fun with it!
Anonymous said…
Enjoy the "ride" Tony, a master never blames his tools, but the right ones sure as hell help make your day!!

Anonymous said…
that's a mighty fine piece of equipment you got there wonder you were lusting! still using the shimpo from 25 years ago...still going strong but having tried other wheels in my lifetime,not sure i'd make the same choice!
enjoy - and it is a nice colour!
cheers, linda
Great! Your TS wheel was well polished with powder coating. I’m sure the Thomas Stuart Company has a very good powder coating procedures to ensure their product quality. I think the royal blue color suits your personality as a potter. Well, it’s good that you tried Thomas Stuart wheel. It is definitely an excellent selection of potter’s wheel. It will definitely give you better speed than your old one.

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