Tractors, Chain Saws and Women

Sheila went over to help our old neighbours do some spring clean up of their yard. At 88 they keep their 17 acre property looking tickety-boo! They have always done things for themselves and never ask for help. Old George still cuts his own wood , splits and piles it. Last year I saw him get so tired cutting this big ole pine tree down he laid on the ground and continued chain sawing.
Today when Sheila was raking their flower garden Old George said to her “I’ve always admired Tony’s choice in tractors, chain saws and women but not necessarily in that order!” Old George still thinks he is a ladies man and good on him. I wouldn’t mind trading in the saw and the tractor for new ones. As for the woman I've always told Sheila that if she leaves me, I'm goin' with her.


klineola said…
Well said, Tony. I hope I never have to say that to my wife, but will put it away for safekeeping, just in case!

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