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You should pour yourself a glass of grape and sit down and look at the Yunomi Show at AKAR Gallery. AKAR is the most successful online gallery on the planet North America. I love Iowa City, Iowa! I have been to a couple of wood fire conferences there. It is a great college town but let's face it, Iowa City is not the center of the cultural universe. It's smack dab in the middle of a corn field and yet this gallery sells shows out. It is the potter's choice of galleries. They have a soft spot for vessels and if ya want some nice pots cruise their website. It's always current, interesting and instant.
The Yunomi show opened this morning April 9TH and it is 2/3 sold out by noon today. By the end of the weekend probably a 1000 yunomi's will be sold. Mine were gone by 10 this morning. I have more if anyone out there is interested. Just e-mail me and I'll send pics.


Monique said…
Your unomi's are one of a kind, beautiful!!
I saw they were already sold out this morning. :-D
Anonymous said…
That was a great link - what an awesome inspiring and it's just great to see how many thousands of variations there are on a 'cup' - i spend hours wandering around there last night....thanks!
ladyofclay said…
Hi Tony. I've just posted pictures of my kiln insurance on my blog.
FetishGhost said…
Nice picks for the show... they really stood out!

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