Heavy Metal

It appears that glossy/shiny,smooth is functional and matte, dry, crusty is art. I unloaded our glaze firing the other day and thought maybe I'd do a quick firing of some pots without glaze and cool them in reduction. I fired quickly to Cone 9 and turned the burners off, closed the damper until there was only a small opening for flame to pass thru and left all 8 pilots on. I fired down to 1450. Our clay body on it's own wasn't all that interesting however I did like the gun metal black of the pots sprayed with laterite. I do like the texture of the stamping on the unglazed ware. Sometime glazes can pool and break to give a beautiful texture but leaving the surface alone made them almost metal like.
Please excuse the commercial handles but I wanted to show ya the reduction coooooool and I'm pacing the floors worrying about my teaching in Italy. Usually I'm very fond of lots of ash.


Anonymous said…
Tony these are amazing, i love that metallic look! are you worried about the content of the workshop, or just the actual trip over there i wonder??? Go pace outside in the garden....i'm sure you'll be wonderful whatever you do - but i can imagine it would be a bit nerve wrecking....good luck with it! Italy is probably THE place in the world i want to visit most...well, maybe one day!
cheers and just keep breathing :)
Sandy Miller said…
OOoo La-la on that black tea pot!

very sexy, those black pots....... almost as sexy as
as F150!

Bon Voyage kids!

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