Apparently the local Italian farmers can no longer afford the family farm here in Tuscany. Many beautiful farms are now owned by rich German and English gentry. This nice brick barn is for sale on Pietro's property. It's the bargain price of 300,000 Euros and will take another 3-400,000 Euros to convert it to a lovely bed and breakfast. So potters if you have an extra $800,000 kicking around I can't think of a better cottage. Pietro will run it for you when you're not there and you can retire in the center of civilization.
We have begun teaching throwing. Many of our students are real dogs! Student work will be shown tomorrow.


bfreeceramics said…
the dog reminds me our gate keeper from JCI
Anonymous said…
Tony and Sheila,

I am so glad you are having a good time. You both work so hard 24/7 and really deserve this opportunity. Things look beautiful there, and we are just a little bit jealous. Have a glass of wine, ...or three, and enjoy your stay. We will see you when you get back.

Paul and Kristina

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