Red Eye Express

Here is a picture of the group heading from Sheridan College/Toronto to Nceca in Philadelphia. Hugh and Gord are missing from the picture.
They were off attending to details.
Whenever Nceca is within about a 500 mile striking distance the Clay Club at Sheridan tries to get the students there. The hard work of making and selling mugs and bowls helps defray the cost. This year a big coach bus, the cost of the rooms and a pizza party were courtesy of the Clay Club.
We headed out a 12.05 am so that we could save one day of the cost of the bus. It ain't cheap!!!!! Hugh had us show our passports before getting on board so the entry thru the high security orange plastic fence into the States went smooth.


Anonymous said…
Hi Tony - It's important to let your audience know that the photos weren't blurry, that is actually how we looked at that time of night! Great fun travelling with you and the gang. -Cathleen
smokieclennell said…
Cathleen: I just woke up to take those photos. I apologize for the quality but it really was a blurrrrrrrrrrrr of a night. Always good to be in your company. Tc

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