Big Shoes

The word is out that Bruce Cochrane is retiring after a landmark 30 years at the helm as the Head of Ceramics at Sheridan College. He is having a 30 Years Show at David Kaye Gallery in Toronto. If you look back at my last post to my blog you’ll see a large platter on the wall behind Sheila. It has thick slip trails and finger wipes. This is Bruce 1982. The double walled jar is Bruce 2010. I must confess that Bruce is my favourite potter on the face of the earth. We have more of his work than anyone’s in our collection. Everything from e-ware, to porcelain to stoneware ,majolica, salt, soda, reduction, wood fire is always top drawer. What has always amazed me about Bruce is his humility. He never gets out an I-phone, computer or cards to show you his work. He always has a question about you and your work. He doesn’t need to parade like a cock rooster. The underground network of potters know of his work and his legacy as a top notch maker and educator. Whoever takes over for Bruce at Sheridan has some rather LARGE shoes to fill. I’m having a rather difficult time imaging him not there.


Ron said…
It was great having Bruce at the NC Potter's Conference this year!
Tracey Broome said…
I got to see Bruce at the Utilitarian Clay Conference at Arrowmont last year and had breakfast with him a couple of mornings. Humble is exactly right and his work is just exquisite.
I would not want to have to fill those shoes :)
Sandy Miller said…
I adore his work.......

retire from Sheridan yes,
retire from pots....... never!

to a happy retirement and many good pots
Anonymous said…
I was one of those lucky souls who had Bruce as my main teacher, when i studied at Sheridan from '82 - 85'.. ..that was when SOCAD was still at the wonderful little campus in Mississauga...he is indeed one the best potters out there! His versatility and commitment to his own exploration always inspired me!!! Actually, I still think about things I learned from him back then!
BTW Tony....don't know if it's my computer, but the first image doesn't show up!!!
cheers, Linda
Anonymous said… must have been just a delay on my computer...the big shoes showed up !!!
cheers, LInda

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