Feel the love

I’ve been going like a tornado thru a trailer park these past few months. On my way to Toronto to visit my daughter Robin and newest grand daughter Julia I dropped in at Donn Zver’s Pottery to pick up a couple of gifts that had been left for me by my Korean brothers. Expressions of love from my Korean brothers ! Thank you Bro, I love you.  At this troubled time below the 49th parallel I wish to extend my love to my favourite nation to visit- America. I love the people and the fantastic diversity of it’s regions. Y’all give me some of that BBQ, a generous helping of the blues,  and I’ll wash it down with a Kentucky top shelf bourbon.
I brought home some love from a visit with my kid. She is doing a great job of raising an interesting loving little kid of her own.  Julia is being raised in Little India in Toronto that is a cultural melting pot of people and smells. It is a wonderful place for Julia to grow up appreciating diversity.

Here is a painting Robin bought me for my birthday- You’ve changed. I asked her why she bought me it. I do love it but wondered what she was thinking. You’re the same it’s your life that has changed. It’s hanging above a piece by Jeremy Hayes “ Othersider Artist” versus Outsider Artist. This piece is called “ The Grass is Greener”.  The man cave just gets more funky by the week. I have this wacky belief that if you surround yourself with objects made with love that the love will enter your mind and body. So you want scientific proof- just close your eyes right now

and feel the love! Ain’t it amazing? Don’t ya feel better?


smartcat said…
She has your smile! What a sweet inheritance!

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