Pimpin' My Ride

I don't know when I met Tom Wirt and Betsy Price. I think it had to be twenty odd years ago on The Clayart Discussion Group. That was long before Facebook and social media. It was a daily visit to the water cooler with potters from around the world. Friendships were made that have been long lasting. That friendship has brought me almost 1000 miles to participate in a Potter's Festival they started  5 years ago.
It's been over 10 years since I have done one of these shows. It was usually around this time of year at The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and it was dangerously hot, and I would be soaked to the bone carrying boxes of pots and setting up my booth. I'd have a great time with fellow potters and come home and swear I'd never do another.
Since they have walked the walk they know how to treat the royalty of the festival- the potters. We can back up our cars to unload at our tents, there is coffee and cake, Clay Olympics with a Shimpo wheel as a prize, a potter's supper, and FREE beer for the potters( this is going to cost them dearly). Donovan and Colleen are rolling in with their Airstream and serving Negroni's after dinner. This will be the perfect forum for me to tell all my lies and irreverent tales.
Thanks for the invite to the festival. Drop by and see me. I'm the good looking guy, eh!


Unknown said…
Hope you are having an enjoyable (and successful) first show ;)

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