Loose tops, tight bottoms

I was going to give the subject title loose tops, tight bottoms and big jugs but my Merickan friends always misconstrue what is on my Mr. Clean mind. Let's get this straight once and for all- big pitchers go on the wall and little pitchers go in your wallet. I make jugs and these ones are fairly big.
With the exception of thick slip on my jugs I have never ventured past the classic one I have been making for years.
The Classic Jug
A dude some time ago said on FB that I was still making the same tired old jug form some 15 years later. I corrected him and told him I was still trying to perfect the jug form after some 30 years. 
I remember reading an article by John Glick. John was at a student crit at Alfred U. and the students told him that if he was going to alter the rim he should attend to the foot as well. Touche!
John agreed and complied.  Teach to learn.
 So I've been wanting to make some pokes in my jugs but it is the one form I've been afraid to distort since I have worked so hard to get it right. So I poked the foot which meant I needed to poke the rim.  Didn't want a loose bottom and a tight top. That would surely not compliment my form.
Here are the pokes. They are in their early stages. I will keep messing with them for another 30 years and see where it goes.  I made some smaller pitchers to go in your wallet. I'll sleep on what to do with their rims.
The 3 Amigoes

Sometimes more is more.

 Get out the popcorn and watch this little movie.


Judy Shreve said…
Gorgeous jugs! Those 'pokes' look good!
smartcat said…
You have great jugs, Tony!
Anonymous said…
Don't give us no lip, either!
Anonymous said…
Get a handle on it, Tony!
Anonymous said…
Great necking above the shoulders!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
You are such a wordsmith Mr. T.C.

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