Love Stew

If you remember Woodstock you weren't there. A friend of mine really was there just recently. She was supposed to be coming to a firing at Pinecroft and ended up in Woodstock hence her alias Christine "Woodstock" Torres. I don't think it was the drugs that lead her on down the road but it could be the lack of iron from meat. Her idea of a BBQ is a grilled carrot. Funny thing is she still needs glasses.
Woodstock sent me this from Instagram and said when she saw it she immediately thought of me. That's sweet, Woodstock! I love this and also preach it.
What is it that inspires us? What inspires a kiln crew to stand out in the middle of winter with a cold bitter wind, sub-minus temperatures, blowing snow,  a stalled kiln, wet wood, anxious participants  and a chamber full of hopes. What inspired me and my group of potters at Peter's Valley to fire the kiln during Hurricane Sandy with pelting rain and wind, while trees were falling, hydro was out, rivers were overflowing. The same crew would show up during a heat warning when all are advised to stay indoors and not to do strenuous work.  What possibly could be the inspiration?
 Love is what inspires! Love of process. Love of being alive. Love of being with friends that love you. Love is the magic potion. Alright mix in the love stew a bit of stubbornness, a handful of tenacity, a measure of high hopes, a dash of salty sweat equity, some heat from a grind of pepper. It's what makes a good Love Stew. Fine quality meat helps and my buddy Doc would add it needs some bone marrow(the essence of life).  You got to have the muscles and bones as well as the heart.   Everyone of us can do better than give up- Cheryl Strayed.
I am lucky that I hang out with people that inspire me to be better. That I inspire someone makes me try even harder. Thanks Woodstock, you have just inspired me to keep on, keeping on.


Anonymous said…
What's a little heat to a woodfire potter . . . ?
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you need to adopt some cats.

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