Boom, boom ,boom.

Boom, boom, boom , boom
Gonna shoot you right down
Right off your feet
Take ya home with me
Take you in my house
Take you in my room
Boom, boom, boom, boom- John Lee Hooker.

I hope some of y'all will visit me this Saturday and take me home, take me in your house, take me in your room and boom, boom, boom. Shake me right down.
Here are some pots I made during a couple of workshops this winter in my second home the United States of Mericka. I love Mericka and the people that are my friends there.
This jug and vase I made at Hood College at a two week course where we moved a pile of clay. They are made of a porcelainous stoneware.  Fired in The Champ. I never teach loose until I know everyone can do tight. These are classic forms that show competency in throwing.
This is a jug not a picture. 

My crystal green liner in the jug.

Big vase

Here are some pots made at Starworks during my residency with Dan Finnegan in the winter. They are made of Starworks Dark Star and salt fired in the groundhog wood kiln kiln at the Seagrove Clay Centre. I was enjoying ripping and tearing edges and making little circles of life and flinging them on to pots.  I am almost certain the jagged edges were influence by the daily discerning of eye of Takuro Shibata walking by and grinning at what I was up to. These pots are available this Saturday at my open house. 
3 piece bowl with thrown handles and circles of life

Sauce boat with torn edges

Flowers would complete me!


Paul said…
Beautiful pots, I love them. Where, this Saturday? Are you selling somewhere?
Olga in Toronto
Tony Clennell said…
Olga; It's a drive from Toronto but worth the trip. Go to Jerseyville and visit Emma Smith at Black and Smith Country General and then come see me and have lunch at the Green Frog. A great day will be had. Cheers, T

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