Don't throw water on a grease fire!

In my old location Sour Cherry Pottery ( later to become Sour Grapes Pottery) I had this big ole grease truck that would pull up on the road and the dude would saunter down the driveway to our showroom. My former wife would tell me to deal with dude as he looked almost as ruff as Crazy Jerry. His coveralls and boots were covered in grease. His business was to go to the chicken wing joints in Buffalo suck the grease out of their fryers bring it back to his factory refine it and spray chicken feed.
Every single time which became very often he would pick the best pot in the showroom. We became friends and that has continued for probably close to 2 decades now. He quit the grease bizz and has become a notable potter in his own right.
Steve the Potter just ordered one of my bird houses. So don't throw water on a grease fire just stand back and let it burn. Don't smother it either. If anything go to the fridge and get out a weiner and enjoy the added bonus of a bonfire in the kitchen.
So my Saturday show has started with two sales that mean a lot to me. One cuckoo to Emma Smith /Jesse Black and the other to Steve the potter. It thrills me that they support my journeys off the main road.
Both Emma/Jesse and Steve have business models that I endorse. The best way to complain is to make things._ James Murphy.
We are all making what we think is interesting and the best we can make. We don't do what we think will make money. If you have principles it is going to cost you money.
These few bird houses took me all summer. I was out of my comfort zone and each one is totally one off. I have hung these on the walls of The Cactus Lounge and I must admit I love looking at them as pieces of art frame included.
The Fire Station

Who kicked the door off the hinge?

Who will build me a house like this?

November is such a grey month.


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