Live, love, laugh!

Well, it's over 260 Fingers for 2018. The 260 Fingers Show in our nation's capital was an unprecedented success with sales at record levels. I have a long list of thank you's to make.
26 potters gathered in our Nation's Capital- Ottawa

1. Thanks for having me as a guest at the show.
2. Thanks to the customers that love fine craft!!!!💕
3. Thanks to the core members of 260 that do all the work to make this one of the best shows in the country.
4. Thanks to the group I hang with for helping pull off the virtual sale and for being such amazing friends.  The sale was very successful!
Heather Smit you are an amazing force of energy.💗
Mr. K for always making sure the ole man doesn't stumble and fall.💗
Jen Drysdale for always being your generous giving self.💗
Jen hosted Heather, Mr. K and Victoria and me for the four nights. We solved all the craft issues of the world and put a dint into a couple good bottles of honey coloured water.
As always I brought a pile of craft loot home with me.  A magpie followed me home. Somewhat fitting that Mary Philpott had a collection of magpies at the show. Do you know what they call a group of magpies? A parliament. We were in our nation's capital within a stones throw of our parliament buildings.
My new friend.
The title of my magpie is  "four for birth".
"One for Sorrow" is a traditional kids nursery rhyme about magpies- One for sorrow, Two for Mirth, Three for a wedding and four for birth. I wonder if it is the rebirth of me??? I guess I am a born again.
I was always too busy for taking the time to visit when I was doing a workshop or show. This weekend I met with a long time friend for lunch who teaches at The University of Quebec and wrote a book on Ageing and Mindfulness. It's in French so I can't read it. It has been over 35 years since we have seen each other.
Four for birth is actually good company.

Then after the gang had a farewell breakfast at Alice's Restaurant I headed on my seven hour trip home and stopped by my grandparents house- Granny Liz Willoughby and Crawdad Ron Roy's.💗 They look great and their collection of pots is over the moon. Liz gave me a Mick Casson jug and a Sheila Casson bowl that she thought I needed to have. I came home unpacked them and shed a tear for the time that has gone by so fast.
The Grandparents

I am not surprised that we all love each other deeply. We love, we live and we laugh.
Four for birth is giving me the evil eye- it's time for a very contented sleep.


Anonymous said…
'Twas only the raven that said "nevermore" . . .

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