Goodness gracious Bruce Almighty

I kept seeing pics on Instagram  of Bruce Cochrane's show at David Kaye Gallery in Toronto. I had to make the trip into Toronto to see them for my own eyes.  I have been a fan of Bruce's works since 1982. He makes ya want to stop making pots. How on God's Green Earth does he make some of these pieces. How?????? is the question that always enters my mind when I look at his work.
Looking at these pictures would you believe that they are thrown? He throws the form cuts them,  pushes it out and fills in the space with slabs. Don't ask me more cause I can't for the life of me figure it all out.
This is without doubt the most powerful work I have ever seen of Bruce's. He must be feeling strong. It is jaw dropping gorgeous. If anyone of you were thinking of buying me a Christmas present I would love one of the wall plates. Those dang plates are hollow bowls with a slab top or bottom whichever way Bruce does them I can't for the life of me begin to put the process together.
Some potters make the same old tired work year in and year out. Bruce has a show at David Kaye's every other year and each show is an exploration of something new and exciting. I've said it before on my blog- Bruce is the best living
Big Boy! Two strong people to lift this baby in the kiln.

Don't ask me how.


I love these!
potter Canada has ever produced.


smartcat said…
Although Canada doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving 🦃 I am sure there is much to be grateful for.
The world would be a poorer place without potters like Bruce and indeed, you.
Tony Clennell said…
Smartcat- Canada doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving??????????????? We invented it! We celebrate at the end of the harvest in October not when the snow is falling.

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