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In a visit with Liz (Grannie) Willoughby and her partner Ron Roy this past week Liz gave me these two pots. She said I would love them more than she did. She was absolutely spot on. I love them, Liz.
I sold my English collection in an effort to pay off what I owed for my wonderful time at USU earning my MFA in Ceramics. No regrets with the exception of missing Mick and Sheila's pots.  I sold Keeler, Batterham, Bernard, David and Johnnie Leach, and most regretfully my Cassons. Having these two pots in my house has made it more like a family home.
Mick was probably the most important influence on my work. I remember arriving two days early for the summer course. I walked 5 miles each day to get to the studio. I had little money but lots of enthusiasm. It was my first experience with vegetarians.  He set me to work setting up the studio for the other students arriving from around the world. We ate fresh fruit, cheeses, breads and washed it down with fresh pear wine from an Issac Button cider jar.  To find a wonderful potter and even more wonderful teacher is such a win, win.
Sheila's porcelain bowl references the countryside  of Herefordshire in Wales. The hills, the plowed fields, the pastures and the Wye River that flowed thru the valley.
Wobage Farm, Ross on Wye, Upton Bishop, Herefordshire, Wales.
 Mick also referenced the landscape out their studio window. He held a couple of sponges in his hand and swiped thru the wet slip to reference the hills and valleys of the Wye area.  Beautiful beyond your imagination. This jug is not a racer that shows the sponge wipes. I can tell you though that it  is what he referred to as a "tallie". He made roundies, tallies,  smallies, bird's beak jugs and Meds (Medieval referenced).
Mick surrounded by Jen Allen, Bruce Cochrane and  a Sheila Clennell on the wall. 
I wish I knew what I know now and could revisit that time. Thank you Grannie Liz for letting me relive that most important time in my life with two of the most important teachers in my life.


Anonymous said…
Sometimes the greatest joy on our journey is the time when spend with a teacher/mentor.

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