Lucky enough

Talked to a guy this weekend whose brother just won 10 million large. I told him if I won 10 million clams I'd pay off a few debts, the rest would have to wait and I'd keep on making pots. I've been lucky enough to do this for almost all my adult life. Some would argue that I haven't reached adulthood yet!
I can tell ya this- it's a lot of hard work to get this lucky!!!!
I gotta get back in the mud pits tomorrow. I'll feel better when I get dirty and my mind will start to think of all kinds of crazy shit again.
Having my show this weekend. It ain't a sale. It's a show of 5 years of making. I am not about to undercut the wonderful galleries that represent me all year long and show my work so beautifully for a one day cash in. I will have some pots that are inexpensive because truthfully they didn't cut the mustard. As my buddy Dan Finnegan put it The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. But because my motto is to live my life generously I can always give ya a gift. You can expect that!
I have some like these what I call envelope vases that didn't sell but I love them. It was a time when I was wood firing with a complete covering of glaze.  Have you ever noticed that sometimes your best pots are the ones that don't fly off the shelf. I think these envelopes say so much about me. You can fill in the blanks.
Dang those are nice handles and that island foot. 
fired on sea shells (scaring ya baby)

If ya come on Saturday I'd love to see ya. I'll have some of Uncle Donny and Aunt Nancy's grub, you can have your picture taken with the inflatable of your choice at my neighbours, I'm hoping Crazy Jerry will have some of his metal folk art stuck in my lawn (one never knows with CJ he is out there),  you can go for yellow perch and chips at The Green Frog. Make a day of it and if ya are passing Jerseyville my friend Emma Smith (Black and Smith Country General)  is having her open house. She has a store chock a block of fine craft, good edibles and awesome coffee. They gift wrap and make ya look like you spent more time than ya did. I always appreciate that!
We all looked good 30 years ago!


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