Self doubt

There are all kinds of books out there to prop up artists to take the plunge into making art for a living.  Geez, I even authored one with the help of my tireless editor Lois Wilkins. If ya know anyone that needs propping up order my book for their Christmas stocking. It's a million seller. I have a million in the cellar. For $20 and $5.00 shipping it is worth the price of two Big Macs, a side of frozen fries, a soda and you have supported a fearless clay artist. You might even learn something!

Funny thing I have never doubted I could make a living as a clay artist. I think most entrepreneurs are like that. They don't entertain failure. I can tell ya that hard work is the major component to success in this biz. I have doubted all kinds of other things in my life- whether I would ever find love,  whether my kids the loves of my life would be alright, whether The Champ would deliver, whether
I should buy a house or be a gypsy potter. Every time I doubt myself something comes along and delivers a strong message- Hey Tony you have no other choice so man up and get to work. Hard work has always been the message. Dammit, I should have got a memo in my twenties that read " Marry Well". I didn't get that memo and hard work has been mantra. All is well I love the work.
This is some of this summer's insanity. Choose interesting in art and life.


Anonymous said…
All the secrets to a potter's existence revealed?

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