In the beginning

Early in my career as an Adjunct at Sheridan College School of Craft and Design I taught a young  woman Lauren Blakey. Lauren went on to Nova Scotia School of Craft and Design for her BFA and voila almost 2 decades later we are showing together. Damn this all makes me feel proud. I hope she doesn't hate me for encouraging to a clay artist.
 Lauren Blakey- God, what a wall that would make here at The Cactus Lounge.

Lauren Blakey-Awesome tiles.
Not sure if I can claim Ottawa's Jen Drysdale as a student but the wood fire mentorship of almost 5 years ago set her on a course that is most gratifying for me to witness. Jen approaches clay with this in mind- I want to make better pots!!!!!. It's not about I want to make more money,  I want to take short cuts.   Simply put- I want to make better pots!!!!!!!! Well y'all be the judge.
Jen Drysdale - ewer and saucer. Oh baby that's sweet!

Jen Drysdale- Dancing bowl. Pots living on the edge of collapse are best.
As a young potter I was first introduced to a Japanese aesthetic by the stoneware of John Ikeda. I lost touch with John and he went off on a very bright colourful abstract impressionist very tight and precise form of work. So now I hear John is back at the wood kiln. Looking forward to seeing John and his work. Maybe I can talk some sense into him. 
John Ikeda- tea bowls/chawans

John Ikeda- whisking us away.

If ya want a virtual appointment email 260 will be on this coming weekend with a line up of awesome work.


Lauren said…
Wow! Thanks so much Tony, such a lovely write up, looking forward to catching up at 260 Fingers!
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