You're fired!!!

Well the wood fired pots are fired and out. I unload a gas kiln of carbon trap shino tomorrow morning and then it's all over but the crying. Now comes the least favourite part of the process for me- selling the dang stuff. I know I should be more upbeat when it comes to the marketing! If I had it my way and had independent means I'd give it away to people I like and that I think would like the work. It has probably been over a month since I touched the wheel. It will be another couple of weeks before I do again with coming up and wood prep for the London Potters Guild firing.
December will be here before I know it and I need to focus on my kids and their kids, family and Christmas. I leave for 3 months in Italy and I need to get my brain and belongings organized. That usually amounts to a wing and prayer for me.
I have suggested a virtual sale for 260 Fingers so the guy that suggests it gets to do it. I will try to muddle my way thru the process and invite y'all to our Nation's Capital in Ottawa to see some amazing work. I hope to start posting some of the artists real soon ya hear! I will post the process as soon as I rest up from a rather exhausting past month. I am going to ask you to email me  and make an appointment. I will take my phone and we will visit the artist you are interested in, you can meet them live on my phone and you can talk turkey. The pots will be shipped ASAP.
Pink on pink


Needs a few more handles.

Bacon basket

Old Yeller!
 Next week 260 Fingers, dinners, drinks  and time with my most special friends- the people in the mud pits.


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