K is for knob

Andrew Kellner aka Mr. K  has a knob fetish. He is trimming one of the best knobs out there. It is a signature in his work. I have developed a signature with my handles and Andrew has focused on his knob. Mr. K aggressively trims the wet clay to make marks that reveal his give a shit meter is turned down to low. But what most see as the meter at low I see as very considered and spot on.

 Andrew has some awesome pots he is going to be showing at 260 Fingers in Ottawa this weekend. I am organizing a virtual sale so email me for an appointment and I will take ya around the show. If you like potter's pots ya ought to have one of Mr. K's.  They make an alligator look tame- Polk Salad Annie, gator's got your Grannie. He has some jars and meat trays that will knock your socks off.
Very proud of his progress since the year 2000 when I taught this lime green haired, tattooed, ear pierced, punk.  18 years of friendship.  Ya have done me proud, boy!


Anonymous said…
Get a grip on it, Tony :>)

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