The Pusher

Memories of being age 17 long haired and rocking to my favourite Toronto band - McKenna, Mendelson, Mainline. Great blues. Joe Mendelson is now a well known political activist and  painter. We all survived the 70's somehow.  Another band that hit the bigger time was Steppenwolf with lead singer John Kaye. His song "The Pusher" was on my hit list.
Today when I got images from these three I was reminded of "The Pusher".

God damn, the pusher
God damn, I say the pusher
I said God damn, God damn the pusher man

These three are pushing it. 

Reid Flock makes ribbon handles that dwarf mine. I've seen him make them so big he hangs ropes from the ceiling to support them. Reid has also stepped it out with glazes and surface. Give it hell, pusher man!
Oh pusher man give me more of this drug- I need some mo'!

Now that is a frickin' handle!

Andrew "Mr. K" Kellner is attacking clay in such a fearless way. He is leaving marks, little nasties, gashes, pokes, and thorns that would have him booted out of every Guild sale in the country. Thankfully 260 Fingers makes room for expressive clay. Keep giving it hell, pusher man.
Look at the handle placement on this jar- who the hell taught this dude, anyways?

Downright friggin' nasty- I want!!

Today I received images from  Eilko Maeda fresh outta the kiln. Two days before setup and the pots are hot out of the kiln. That''s pushing it!! Keep on pushing it, pusher woman. 

Oh woman, I can see right thru you!

Boogie down to Ottawa they're making great boats there.
To all my friends south of 49 if you survived tonights mid terms come on up to Canada for some shopping of amazing Canadian ceramic eye candy. Our dollar is at 76 cents and you pay no tax so treat yourself for voting whichever way ya did.  If ya can't make it email me for an appointment on the weekend


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