Expect the unexpected, eh!

To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect. Oscar Wilde
I haven't seen some of these potters for decades and some I have never met so I am expecting the unexpected.
Leta and Don Cormier were hot on the scene when I arrived as a long haired hippy with a used car salesman's moustache and a wash board stomach. They have made quiet, unassuming strong pots for as long as I can remember. Almost always in a what I remember as a Japanese aesthetic. This bottle of Leta's speaks to me of Hans Coper.
Leta Cormier- bottle vase
Don's bowl is what I expect from this couple - quiet and easy to live with.
Hakeme slip- the Cormier's were the very first potters in my circle to use shino that I remember.
Oh I did expect the hand built pots of Heather Smit. Heather has very quickly taken the province by storm with her clean, no fuss approach to slab ware. Everyone should have one of these scoops hanging somewhere in their house. Mine is in the bathroom. Heather left it there as a gift. Perfect view from the King's throne.
Get the scoop from Heather Smit
 Heather Smit- Damn that's a sweet little teapot- I hope I sell a couple of mine!
Now I venture into the unknown but it's Canada, eh! Love these cups that shout out Oh Canada- beer, plaid and axes. Some sweet e-ware by Kaitlyn Brennan. This is yet another new Ceramic friend I get to meet this weekend.
Beer, anyone?

Plaid, saws, axes and Canada, eh!

Keep your gratitude higher than your expectations and you will have a very good day. -Ray Wylie Hubbard
I am grateful I get to travel the world preaching the gospel according to Clennell in the Church of Mud and hang out with a group of great makers like I am going to do this weekend.
Remember if ya want a virtual tour email me and we'll have my phone take ya on a trip of great ceramics this weekend. tony.clennell@gmail.com


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