It's been a week today since we set up for The 260 Fingers Invitational Show in Ottawa. I haven't even unpacked my pots yet. Where did the week go???? A day trip home, a couple days packing and administrivia for the virtual sale.
The 260 Gang- good folks to show and hang with.
Yesterday we took  taken possession of the new Splitfire wood splitter.
Our gate opens to 37" because our wood is 36"

My parents had a plaque in the hallway "Ve get too soon oldt and too late smart." 33 wood firings all hand split wood and now the Splitfire arrives. We had to get a custom splitter because the wood we get from the Amish is 36" long and we need this length because of the long throw into the firebox. This thing is a beauty powered by Honda (yaaaaa Honda). One pull and away you go. I can put five pieces high in the splitter and it doesn't even sputter.
It's wet and snowy here so it still ain't a holiday in Paris.
Not a sputter with multiple pieces

I get most of my pottery wardrobe from NCECA, tool companies and now I got a new hat and T from Splitfire. Of course, I asked it is what I do. Spend that much money and they ought to give you a new pair of steel toed Blundstones, too.
My wardrobe just got bigger. 


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