Almost like the blues!

I don't know if it is a hangover from being a kid and thinking about heading back to school but this time of year gives a feeling "almost like the blues". This is a song title from the anxiously awaited new Leonard Cohen CD celebrating his 80th B-Day in Sept. The album is entitled "Popular Problems".
I've been a funk this week and somehow I think I write my best blog posts when in this state of mind. If someone near me had a bag of Drum tobacco I'd roll me one and I haven't smoked in 25 years. I believe in work therapy to solve life's problems and I'm winding down the work to ready myself for back to school. I love the students and the job so it ain't like when I was a kid and I hated school and would rather be at the pool hall.
Perhaps it is what feels like another another year gone by like a raging freight train! The next 4 months are my favourite time of year so that is no excuse. I won't have to keep my head down and my back to the wind for some months to come.
I got a wood kiln to clean, wood to ready and pots to make for a wood firing with 3 of my former students. Better shake this off. I got work to do!


Tracey Broome said…
Ugh, I'm right there with ya. I have a birthday coming up in a few, didn't I just have one?! Daughter just started her first week as a fourth year college student, didn't I just drop her off at kindergarten?! Freight train is right.
June Perry said…
Sounds like a case of the "mean reds" (worse than the blues!).

I can relate - having a similar week of one thing after another. If I weren't so stubborn I'd tell the world to stop so I could get off!

Hope all is better today Tony!

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