There is this rage spreading across America like a prairie fire. It is the yunomi rage. What does yunomi mean to my farmer neighbor or to me for that matter?  I almost got caught up in this handleless craze but better judgement has me on a path away from that fire. I am a Canadian man making pots in North America so I have decided to celebrate just that. I am lucky enough to live in an Amish community of skilled makers that do things the way they oughta been done. I took over a yunomi box with the ribbons and all the bows and whistles that I bought a yunomi in. The Amish maker Ezra said “ I’m sure you want it made better than this!” This is glued and stapled!!! I will make yours with dovetailed joinery and why don’t you use a nice hook and eye? Brilliant! I will use this box for my cups that include handles and some that just have been inspired by the handless cup but mine have a European foot that flares outwardly versus the Asian foot that references a nod of bamboo. Of course, they will have the signature lug of a bit of trimming.
This is my get rich quick Christmas scheme so stay tuned. This is just another of a long list of them over the years.  I like that I am staying true to me and presenting the work in a quality  Canadian maple box made by hard working Amish neighbours.
yeah and since I am a Canadian man named Tony I will call them Canatoni’s.


Darcy said…
Love it! And instead of packing peanuts (or ghost poops as we call them here) you can use good quality coffee beans to cushion your handled cup for shipping in the fancy pants dovetailed box. yup, I'd go for one of those for sure!
smartcat said…
Hey, good lookin'; what'cha got cookin'? Excellent!

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