Spookin' the horses!

Well Danny boy these cups are goin' to the death of you. Are you  sure you still want to work together in the winter? We might rub off on each other and then what?  Actually I  have mentally been revisiting my friends at USU and the pots I made there at grad school. It was fun to translate that nasty edge to some cups for occasional use. Actually, Dan you inspired the use of all the scraps lying around. One of our requirements at USU was to curate a show from the gallery collection which is extensive and every big shot contemporary clay artist has a piece in the collection and a knock out piece at that. My show was called "Pots only a mudder could luv.! I choose pots of Tony Nansveris, Owen Rye, Chester Nealy,  Svend Bayer, Donny Reitz, Dan Murphy and I forget the other notables.  On the night of the opening the gallery director said to me " Tony, you sure didn't pick pretty pots". John Neely (my prof) was standing there and for those of you that know John he is never without something clever to say. John replied " No, they aren't pretty but they sure are beautiful!" Wow! That is what I am chasing!


Dan Finnegan said…
I was thinking just today that I don't make pretty pots...are you sure those mugs won't shave me while drinking!?

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