Installing a land line

Here is a ceramic land line by my former student Amber Zuber. It is being installed at my daughter Robin's house in TO. We may need Amber to complete the connection. The phone is installed by one of my Gnar-gnar vases that Robin has. I looked at it last week on my visit with her and liked it alot. I am revisiting gnar-gnar and those vase forms tomorrow. Robin's has a nice bear rug surface to it. This pot was fired up in the firebox where it got a nice crusty coat. Crusty as a bear's arse is my descriptive turn of phrase. I've always been good at labeling my work for sure fire sales success.


Linda Starr said…
those are the best phones
Unknown said…
Very nice idea to installing a land line. I like the way you have told how to install a land line.

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Anonymous said…
Love it. I never knew it was installed! wicked


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