Every rose has its thorn!

I am pleased and honored to have  been asked to mentor a year long mentorship program for the Hamilton Potters Guild that will culminate in a group show at The Carnegie Gallery in Dundas. They are even paying me!!! I will probably spend it all on clay, wood, good times and travel. Hey, that has been the story of my life so why change it now? With every pleasure in your life there seems to come a nasty bit of business. I must narrow the team down to 8 members. That would be easy if I only had 8 apply and I could take all that have a pulse but in this case there are 14 and they are all really awesome.  I really want to assemble a team of people that like each other and most of all like me. I like people that like me! We are going to be living together for  sometimes a week  at a time. We are going to hear each other snore, smell each others t shirts after a long stoking shift and we are going to feel the pricks as well as smell the blossoms.  Now,
I will get the label of “prick” hung on me.


Dennis Allen said…
You remind me of a friend who hit the lottery. Spent most of it on women, whiskey and fast cars. The rest he just wasted.

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