I tried to change

Last weekend when I was at Tucker's Pottery Supplies Warehouse sale I picked up these wooden hump molds thinking it is time I made something that sells like hotcakes. I have seen at our local guild sale this easy peasy slab work walk out the door and I thought I should get on this easy street bandwagon. I brought home some wooden molds with plans for a quick and easy bank deposit. Well, good intentions went south. I've tried to change but haven't had too much luck. I can't be someone I'm not.  I'd just make stuff that sells if I were smart and I can't blame anyone but me for this crazy man I have become. Spent the day farting around with 7 t-pots. While I worked on 7 teapot forms
my cousin Brenda threw 100 wine goblets. I figure my teapots will have to fetch over $400 each- FAT chance.These 5 trays were a days work.


Anonymous said…
you're fighting a loosing battle Tony.....and if she threw 100 goblets and means 200 parts.....i do like the look of your crazy slab trays tho.....cheers, Linda
Kate P. said…
T-pots are more fun though. My favorites

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