Innovative or follow!

Just borrowed another slogan from Hiut Denim Company in Wales. I do love that company's philosophy. I put these vazzzzzzzes together this morning. Because every vase I have ever tried to make turns out to be a jug.  I couldn't help but cut a wee throat and fill it with gnar-gnar. I had Susan Harris sitting on my shoulder all day saying "more, more, no more yet!" Don't tell Cassara but it took me 6 1/2 hours without lunch to handle 12 of these new crazy cups of mine. I forgot to take pics of them but will tomorrow. I had to flee the building as the visitors were driving me nuts. Usually they ask if we have seen the movie Ghost? Is that local clay? Is the furnace your kiln? What kind of paint do we use. Do you do this all day?  Not today! It was: When are you going to sand that stuff off?  They are they going to have plants in them, right? You wouldn't sell them in the store would you?  I almost felt like the local nit wit that dropped outta elementary school and Pinecroft was giving me space to do some art therapy. Actually it was therapeutic and I had a wonderful day!


ShellHawk said…
These are some of the questions I get:

*heavy sigh* I feel your pain!
Dennis Allen said…
Have you been making pottery all your life? Not yet !

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