When I grow up

I want to be like my daughter, Robin. She has flown to Chicago for 5 days on her own. She plans to visit galleries, eat out at fine restaurants and tonight she is at Buddy Guy's Blues Bar. We both love Buddy Guy's awesome CD "Damn right I got the blues!" I recommended Lill Street Gallery for some pots.   She is an amazing person so comfortable in her own shoes. She often goes to the bar down the road orders a nice glass of wine and reads the paper or goes to the Art Gallery of Ontario to look at art and then sits in the restaurant there and has a wine and reads about art. She will be an amazing catch for some guy but hey he had better be up to it.  For the record she ain't lookin'.   This could very well be the best pot I have ever made.


Dennis Allen said…
Lovely girl. Takes after her mother?
Tracey Broome said…
Daughters are the best thing in the whole wide world! And you got yourself a lovely one there. Mine is in Boston for two weeks, first trip away from home on her own, first time flying alone, it's just like when she took her first steps, rode her first bike, I hope there are many more first times for lots of things for both our girls! Good for her for doing things alone, brave and pretty :-)

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