A summer in the mudpits

Here is a pic of Cassara Kennedy the summer intern at Pinecroft this year. Cassara has thrown hundreds of bags of clay this summer doing repetition throwing. She has done a great job and I am thrilled to see such a work ethic and willingness to put the artist's ego in the closet and show up to do what she is asked to do and MORE! Pinecroft was lucky to have her.  Repetition is a valuable skill to learn as a potter. There is a time to move on though and that time has come for Cassara and me. I cleaned up the work horse today thinking of the two of us going back to school. She will be in third year and I will be in the mudpits with the second years hoping for another Cassara to show up. The best pots are made with the head, the hands and the heart. It is my hope she will take the skills she learned to train her hands and head and now transfer that to her heart. She will be back in the school environment within a few weeks and the pressure will be on to have a distinctive body of work. Having a good strong foundation of throwing skills is a good start then have to choose interesting!


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