Gnar-gnar revisited

Been in a bit of a funk of late so I went back to revisit my old friend gnar-gnar. Gnar-gnar was a term coined by my fellow grad student Lindsay Oesterritter at USU. I was fortunate to work side by side with the king of gnar-gnar Dan Murphy. Dan rubbed this nasty aesthetic off on me. It is labour intensive as you make a perfect form and then cut it up add the gnar-gnar and squeeze the pieces together. You would think you should be able to just apply it but it looks best when it ooooooozes out the seams like puss from a squeezed pimple. There ya go I can see everyone will want one of these teapots with that bit of clever marketing terminology. It was fun to see how were you cut the globe makes such a difference to the form.


smartcat said…
Dennis took the words right out of my keyboard!
Bruce said…
Maybe put a little gnar gnar on those trays.

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