Is anyone else out there-nuts?

The last wood firing we had in the spring I was sick as a dog and the wood was less than satisfactory. It had been a nasty wet winter, it was pissing rain and our wood had beat the hell out of me. I was out in the pouring rain in the dark trying to scrounge good wood, chainsaw and bring it back to the kiln.  I vowed never again! Well we got a load of 16 bundles of 5 year old dry walnut. I am stacking it in the kiln shed beside the kiln for our October firing with three of my favourite women. Former students Amber Zuber, Emma Smith and Jen Drysdale and me are firing the bourry box and I want it hotter than a southern baptist girl on prom night. The entire firing will be walnut. Has anyone out there done a entire nut firing? The walnut has great bark almost as good as the treasured cottonwood of Utah. The difference is the BTU's. Walnut is hot!  I know this wood will coal big time but I'm hoping that since it so dry the throat arch will remain clear.  OK ladies make great work!  T

he kiln awaits you! I'm excited to fire with y'all!


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