The Hard Road

I've been teaching long enough now to see my influence. Making pots is as easy as falling off a log. Making good pots and pots that have a signature of the maker is hard. I figure anyone can learn to make pots in  less than 7 years. It then will take another 10 years to develop a signature in your work. I fear my influence leads to a hard road. Here are a couple of Cassara's teapots from second year at Sheridan. I traded her for the teapot on the left. She didn't like any of mine so I owe her. Student gratitude- geez! I like that! Keeps the ole man on his toes.
I think the future for young makers is to make interesting work. Some of the old timers have a audience that they have nurtured for decades. You don't! Easy doesn't make great pots!


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