I went into town today to do some banking and pick up some lunch and this guy asked me if I would do some dry walling for him? I said "sure"! Hell, you never know when this get rich scheme of making pots will go south and I may need a job come winter. Perhaps if I carried a pot around with me when shopping they would maybe understand what I do. I'd really rather be taken for a ditch digger as I think that is probably a union job with bennies.


Ashley said…
i have found that when you drive around in mud encrusted grubbies and a car full of pots, you never get pulled over in a check stop. Not that they need to pull me over, but it sure saves time. I also get confused with being a painter. Trust me, nobody wants me to be their painter.
Mudder Mary said…
I start a new day job on Monday and apparently I can't show up in clay-encrusted sweatpants. Sheesh, I'm not sure about having to dress like Corporate Barbie. I don't remember how to dress like a girl, hahaha.
Vicki Hamilton said…
Painter, drywaller....yep. Worst one was throwing terracotta platters dressed in pale khaki coveralls. Then, to the store. Everyone looked. No one said anything til I got to the checkout. The checker looked at me and said "Whoa! What have you been doing?" I'm sure I looked like something really bad happened.

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