Your work is a gift!

What a radical idea! I have written so many blog posts sometimes I forget what I have written.  Have I written about Hiut Denim  in Wales?  I love this company! I love the philosophy behind the product and the philosophy of the management of the company. The makers at the company are "Grand Masters". Man that says something about how you feel about your employees skills and their worth to the company.
Here is a wee snippet of their company philosophy:
The year book is our way of telling the world what inspires us, what we dream about, and yes, what we make for a living. It also puts a marker in the ground: we want to be ‘crazy good’ at what we do. Our enemy is being average. Average won’t get 400 people their jobs back making jeans.
 So today I made some cups. It was a follow up to yesterdays post on "Choose interesting". I figure for me to stay alive financially and enjoying my work I have to attend to staying interested in my work and attending to details even and most especially when I don't have. 
PS: I ordered a pair of jeans and am pacing the walls waiting for them.


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