I'll be buggered if I know!

You have to understand I am working at Pinecroft Pottery a pottery that was established by my aunt and uncle in 1947. The tearoom there attracts over 50,000 customers per year. They wander the property and come armed with cameras to take a shot of potters at work. Usually I can be seen making pottery that looks like pottery. Mugs, jugs, casseroles all in a 70's, 80's fashion. I'm fast and can do it with my eyes closed. It is bread and butter and there is a huge market that has been cultivated.
 I'm on a self funded sabbatical. I've been feeling like my grad school mojo is coming back except this time it is with what I like to think of as functional vessels. Today the cameras didn't go click and the visitors had no questions. Their faces were full of wonder as in I wonder what the hell he is making? A lady asked and I was totally into making the pot and the only answer I could muster was "I'll be buggered, if I know!"
Tomorrow I section them and add more gnar-gnar and perhaps handles. I have to sleep on it! I have a friend that is a flower arranger that will make these pots look UNBELIEVABLE! The rocks and shale on the top of the pot will be the perfect setting for Mother Nature.
These pots are destined for the wood kiln and then if she is good to me off to 260 Fingers an Invitational Show in Ottawa with many friends whose work I adore and admire. I have no intention of showing up with pottery that looks like pottery.
P.S Dan please don't show this to the Soda Chicks. I have been invited to be a presenter at the North Carolina Potters Conference in 2016 along with the hottest clay chick in the nation my fellow class mate and alum Sunshine Cobb. I am thrilled to present to a state with so many awesome potters and to be with Sunshine it all just couldn't be better.  I haven't received the contract yet and I'm afraid they just might not want me after all. Keep this mum will ya?


Anonymous said…
Very exciting work! Can't wait for 260 fingers to see them after the firing.
pincupottery said…
Oh Oh Oh! I am THRILLED TO PIECES that you are coming to the NC Pottery Conference! Yippeee!
See you in 2016!

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