There is magic in articulation whether it be in music, in speech or in your pots. I like the blues of Robert Cray because he seems to have pauses in the music that are as meaningful as the guitar rift. I always liked to listen to Bill Clinton speak because he seemed to know just when to pause to emphasize what he had just said.  No comment on the politics just that I thought he was and is a wonderful orator.
What I like about sectional throwing is the ability to articulate a form without trimming your brains out. I always start with a sketch so that I have some idea where it is all going. Sometimes the sketch doesn’t translate in the clay. I made articulated cap lids that I thought would complete the form. They looked lame so I threw them out. Sometimes you have to go back and rewrite your draft. I remade the lids.  

I also decided to play with handle placement. That too had to be rethought. The ones I placed on the bottom ring just didn’t cut it so I moved them to the middle as that was my preferred placement. It was a lazy day just working on these 3 pots. Stef Smalls said in a FB comment- read Tony’s book just to remind yourself why you do this. You make pots

because you are creative!


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